Lake Levico: things to do

It is impossible to draw up a complete list of the many things to do near lake Levico and more generally in our beloved Trentino region. This essential guide is an useful tool to find out things you absolutely have to experience around us.

Levico Terme, famous in particular for the hot springs center and the swimming lake, is located in Valsugana, a valley of south-eastern Trentino region, in Italy, dominated to the north by the Lagorai mountains: the ideal place for your Dolomites summer holidays away from the most crowded tour.

Obviously, outdoor sports activities in summer and winter are the main tourist attraction, but there are also villages and cities rich in history and art, castles and famous museums, events and food and wine festivals.

Below we offer informations about the lake, the Christmas markets, the Levico hot springs center and the various sports and cultural activities around.

We just have to wish you lots of fun and remind you that we are waiting for you at the Liberty Hotel only few minutes walk from lake Lavico!

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Lake Levico Things To Do: our precious lake

Lake Levico is a small enchanted lake that measures 1,160 km² and reaches a depth of 38 meters. It is among the cleanest lakes in Trentino region  and represents, together with the hot springs center, the flagship of our mountain village.

The Liberty Hotel Levico Terme is located about ten minutes walk from Lake Levico and can be reached with a short and pleasant walk, following the course of the river that crosses the historic center.

On the shore of Lake Levico you can spend a moment of peace and relaxation, sunbathing on the large tree-lined park that runs alongside the pebble beach, taking a relaxing bath as it is one of the warmest and cleanest lakes in Europe. Trentino. In addition to a beach volleyball court, the park also houses an area with a playground for children and a small bar very popular for an evening aperitif. You can also walk towards the westernmost end, where the landscape changes and the vegetation becomes more dense and unspoiled.

In every season, Lake Levico changes and gives different sensations: spring is reflected in the lake in all its nuances, creating enchanting color games; in summer the body of water comes to life becoming the undisputed kingdom of swimmers and lovers of water sports (canoes, rowboats, sails, windsurfing, dragon boat races) that enhance its versatility; in autumn it is colored with the red and orange leaves of the forest that surrounds it, giving unique views; in winter, the soft colors and the snow all around make it a romantic and seductive location.

Lake Levico is also one of the ideal places to fish in Trentino: the numerous species that inhabit the waters, including trout, will make fishing lovers happy.

The Levico lake together with the nearby Caldonazzo lake is among the warmest in Europe and with its free beach, the large neighboring park, the path immersed in the green of the forest that runs alongside it, it is ideal for holidays with children as much as for a romantic weekend in Trentino.

Below you can find more informations about the things to do near lake Levico, besides relaxing and sunbathing on the free beach or in the two small equipped bathing establishments.

  • Walk along the “Via dei Pescatori”: it is a simple walk of a couple of hours (about 8 km) along a dirt path, very suggestive to do over and over again, at different times of the day. It is the “great classic” of Lake Levico. Take the free beach (Parco Segantini) of Levico Terme, proceed along the dirt road of the fishermen until you narrow and start a path that goes into the biotope, a reed bed with reeds with a marshy wood of alders, and then return via a walkway from where you started. Along the way it is possible to stop on the benches to admire the landscape and look for the nocturnal birds of prey painted on the bark of some trees.
  • Trout fishing (but not only trout…): in the area, fishing enthusiasts can indulge themselves in the approximately 100 lakes scattered between the peaks of the Lagorai and the over 360 km of running waters including the Brenta river, not to mention the Caldonazzo lake and our Levico lake, much sought after for fishing , also with spinning, pike, lake trout, tench, perch, whitefish which count among the largest in Europe in Lake Levico. The reference for fishing is the Levico Terme Fishermen’s Association (Walter Pohl: 3483046762);
  • Boat, canoe and windsurf: you can rent a boat, a pedal boat or a canoe for a tour of the lake at the “Taverna” (Viale Lido – Levico Terme) or the “Lido di Levico Beach” (Loc. Lago – Levico Terme). To try the breeze of windsurfing, in particular to the nearby lake of Caldonazzo, contact the “Nautical Club Caldonazzo” (Loc. Lungo Lago 1 – Caldonazzo).
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Lake Levico Things To Do: our precious hot springs

The “Terme di Levico” are fed by thermal waters that flow from two hot spings of Monte Fronte at 1500 m above sea level, in the heart of the Lagorai chain. The mineral waters of Levico and Vetriolo are classified among the arsenical-ferruginous for the presence of the first element and the high content of the second, a unique thermal water in our country and rare also in the rest of Europe, a real cure-all for the general rebalancing of our body.

The Liberty Hotel Levico Terme is just 30 meters from the “Terme di Levico”, which can be reached via a convenient road. A splendid walk towards total relaxation.

Levico hot springs centerORIGIN OF THE HOT SPRINGS: the two hot springs that flow from Monte Fronte are called Forte water, the richest and most stable of mineral substances, and weak water. Forte water flows from the so-called “Caverna del Vetriolo” excavated by miners in medieval times and is used for numerous therapies aimed in particular at treating diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, but also anxious syndromes, locomotor and arthro-rheumatic diseases, gynecological and thyroid. The presence of sulfuric and phosphoric ion contributes with an antibacterial action.

The legend tells of King Fravort and his sons, had by the goddess Vulcania: Sidero (iron), Cobalt (arsenic), Cupro (copper) and Ocher (ferrigna). When they left the paternal home to spread their knowledge in the world, they were instead infected by the wickedness of men and caused wars and disorder. To punish them, God decided to strike them, but the King asked for clemency. It was granted to him and so the children were locked up in Monte Fronte, in the heart of the Lagorai, to atone for sins. The incessant tears of the three brothers filtered through the rocks to the “Strong Water Cave”, those of the daughter Ocher, trapped lower, flowed instead into her namesake cave, giving birth to the source of the weak water.

HOT SPRINGS TREATMENTS IN LEVICO: the spa treatments offered at the Terme di Levico are varied, from balneotherapy that cures specific osteoarticular and dermatological pathologies, but also with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action for the private parts, to mud therapy aimed at rehabilitating the musculoskeletal system, to the inhalation treatments of the waters arsenic-ferruginous to strengthen the immune system.

Complementary to the spa treatments there are a series of treatments such as kinesitherapy, a sort of active and passive gymnastics aimed at recovering musculoskeletal functionality; massage therapy, a manual therapy aimed at reactivating the circulation and alleviating pain, excellent in cases of arthro-muscular disorders; and a series of massages including the thermal, draining, anti-stress and shiatsu massages.

In 2011 the spa inaugurated the wellness area which offers a phlebological path with a walkway in two pools 90 cm deep and filled with 32 ° and 20 ° water, connected to a 34 ° water swimming pool with hydromassage area and a geyeser for swimming against the current. There is also a gym and a relaxation area with herbal tea corner.

For more information:
Opening of the Terme di Levico: 20 April to 07 November 2020

Lake Levico Things To Do: visit the village

Levico Terme is a village immersed in the green of the Valsugana which is located about 20 kilometers from Trento. Known since ancient times for its thermal waters, it has a lovely pedestrianized old town with the imposing church of the Santissimo Redentore and a beautiful park, the Hapsburg Park, the largest historical park in the Autonomous Province of Trento which houses a summer residence dating back at the beginning of the 1900s and which in winter hosts the famous Levico Christmas markets.

In summer, the streets of the town come alive every day with free activities organized by the Tourist Promotion Agency. The calendar of events is dense and varied to satisfy all tastes, with themed, cultural and entertainment evenings along the streets of the historic center, and shops open to complete the holidays at the spa in the name of relaxation and well-being.

With a simple walk of about 20 minutes you can reach the Church of San Biagio from which you can enjoy a beautiful view.

The Liberty Hotel Levico Terme is 150 meters from the historic pedestrian center.

Levico Terme
Levico Terme park
the village

Lake Levico Things To Do: trekking and trail running

There are countless trekking routes in Trentino and the Dolomites, here are some tips among those near Levico Terme:

  • LEVICO-VETRIOLO WALK: from Levico along the panoramic provincial road 11 of Valsugana, you reach Compet, and then Vetriolo (13km from Levico Terme). Alternatively, just above the town of Levico Terme in the locality of Guizza, the Strada dei Baiti branches off on the right, which leads to Vetriolo between splendid meadows and dense woods.
  • LEVICO-COLLE DELLE BENNE WALK (3h): from viale Roma you arrive, on the left, in via S. Biagio; to the right you take the dirt road that leads to Colle delle Benne (653 m), where the ruins of the fort of the same name, built by the Austrians in 1890 rise. Continuing on the right you pass the Maso Lazzaretti and go down into the woods to the provincial road and reaching the town of Visintainer from where, going down, you reach the lake. Going along the lake shore, you cross the suggestive and flat Strada dei Pescatori to the Taverna. Return to Viale Belvedere.
  • EXCURSION TO THE SEVEN SEA HUT (2h): from Palù del Fersina, in the Val dei Mocheni, take the SAT path number 343 with the indication Sette Selle. Following the path, you reach the refuge along one of the most beautiful areas of the south-western Lagorai through the Val dei Mocheni, a valley completely surrounded by mountains and meadows.
  • EXCURSION TO LAKE ERDEMOLO (2,5h): from Palù del Fersina take the SAT 325 path with the indication Lake Erdemolo. Following the path, you reach a refuge on the shores of the alpine lake of glacial origin, in fact the small glacier on its banks is present throughout the year. The climate here is really unpredictable, in a few minutes you can witness a blizzard or water and find the shining sun.

Another interesting activity to carry out in Trentino is trail running. It’s about running along mostly unpaved paths surrounded by nature among woods, ups and downs and wonderful views. Different suggestions for trails suitable for trail running in Trentino can be found here. Some of the most interesting are:

  • BRENTA TRAIL DOLOMITES: an event to be held on September 12, 2015 and which will consist of following a circular itinerary that will start (and will arrive) at Lake Molveno along paths that cross the Brenta Dolomites. In the end there will be a small refreshment organized by refuge managers. The trail will be self-managed so everyone will be responsible for their fate.
  • SOUTH OF LAGORAI: it is a long trail with departure and arrival at the Panarotta ski facilities 27 km long (difficulty EE) with a difference in altitude of 1240 m. It unravels in the southern part of the Lagorai, a few kilometers from Levico Terme and also passes on the south side of the Fravort, the mountain where the precious waters of the Terme di Levico originate.
  • LAMAR LAKES: the trail with departure and arrival in Vela 21 km long (difficulty E) is slightly further away with a vertical drop of 1300 m that runs along the first part of the path n. 627. The first stretch leading to the magnificent Lamar lakes takes place along former military roads dotted with the remains of emplacements.

Nordic Walking lovers will instead be able to try their hand at countless paths: from the cycle path that runs along the Brenta river, to the paths that run along the lake, from the alleys of the historic center of Levico Terme, to the fragrant woods of Panarotta and Vetriolo.

Nordic Walking resumes movement techniques with Nordic ski poles and is an excellent exercise for keeping your muscles in perfect shape. It is a discipline of soft sport to be practiced in the open air of Trentino, capable of toning the muscles and safeguarding the correct posture of our body without straining the joints. It can be practiced by anyone and at any age and is an excellent training for cross-country skiers.

Lake Levico Things To Do: the cycle paths

There are many possibilities to explore the surroundings of lake Levico by bike thanks to the numerous paths of all levels, from the easiest to the most demanding.

The Valsugana cycle path (more properly the Brenta cycle path) is a simple route that winds along the entire Valsugana, our valley, for 82.8 kilometers. By connecting lake Caldonazzo to Bassano del Grappa and along the river Brenta, which originates from lake Levico, you will have the opportunity to live a sports experience suitable for the whole family, along which culture, history and natural landscapes intertwine unique between Trentino and Veneto. If you want you can return by public transport, trains equipped for bike transport.

Another unmissable route for bike enthusiasts is the Via Claudia Augusta, an ancient Roman road that passes right near Levico Terme. It is a road that as a whole is over 500 kilometers long and starts in Germany, in Donauwörth, continues in Austria and enters Italy from the Reschenpass passing through the scenic Reschensee with the bell tower immersed. It then descends towards Malles and Sluderno up to Lagundo, near Merano, a sort of capital on the Via Claudia Augusta. And then off to Bolzano and along the Adige to Trento. Here the road forks. One section leads to Verona, the other unravels along the Valsugana and then heads to Treviso and ends in Altino.

For cyclists of all levels, from amateur to expert, it is possible to tackle paths to test themselves along the mountains above Levico, enjoying a truly incredible panorama over the entire Valsugana. On this site (ITA) you will find a collection of routes to indulge in.

At Liberty Hotel Levico Terme you will have discounts on bike rental at a partner shop.

Lake Levico, things to do: cycle paths

Lake Levico Things To Do: skiing near the lake Levico

Just 15 minutes by car from the Liberty Hotel Levico Terme is the Panarotta Ski Area, which offers 18 kilometers of slopes suitable for young and old, with guaranteed snow. Parents can ski in peace and enjoy nature while the children have fun with the teachers of the ski school. A treadmill and baby park are also available at the Ski School.

On the Brocon Pass, adventure sports enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the slopes of the Lagorai cable cars. A renewed ski resort that offers tracks for all levels, served by modern lifts with two illuminated slopes for skiing even at night. A new snow park equipped with treadmills, jumps and kickers for snowboarders. Also on the slopes of the Lagorai cable cars, the staff of the Lagorai Ski School is available for those who want to learn to ski.

In addition, from October to March it is possible to practice cross-country skiing along the ring of the Brocon Pass, through the woods of the Sella Valley or in the boundless spaces of the Vezzena plateau.

For lovers of ski mountaineering and snowshoeing, Valsugana offers countless possibilities, even in the moonlight. A day on the Lagorai will make you discover a world where mass tourism has not yet come and where peace, natural beauty and pristine environment reign supreme. The Lagorai-Cima d’Asta chain, which runs for about 50 km, is characterized by a wild nature rich in glacial lakes and streams.

But winter does not just mean skiing, in fact, staying at lower altitudes, it will be possible to take easy and short walks along the lakes which in winter are beautiful and evocative, reveal unprecedented views and, for those who know how to observe, countless forms of hidden life. When life seems dozed off by the rigors of frost, lakes offer refuge and refreshment for many water birds.

Lake Levico, things to do: where to ski
Lake Levico, things to do: Lagorai in winter
Lake Levico, things to do in winter
Lake Levico, things to do: Panarotta

Lake Levico Things To Do: the main events

  • ORTINPARCO [late April, Levico]: the festival of vegetable gardens and gardens.
  • TRENTO FILM FESTIVAL [late April / early May, Trento]: better known as the Trento Film Festival: the best documentaries, fiction films and short films that have mountains and extreme regions of the world as their backdrop. Find out more about the event.
  • FLOWER APPLE FESTIVAL [end of April, Caldonazzo]: exhibition and sale of plants and flowers, handicrafts, organic and typical regional products.
  • FESTIVAL OF ECONOMY [between May and June, Trento]: debates, meetings and lessons for those who love the economy and want to know and understand the transformations of our time. The next edition is scheduled for September 2020.
  • VIGILIAN FESTIVALS [end of June, Trento]: patronal feasts with a calendar of shows and traditional costumed events.
  • THE LEGENDARY CHARLY GAUL [early July, Trento]: prestigious Trentino cross-country skiing, the only Italian stage of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series which gives the opportunity to qualify for the Final of the World Championship for Amateur Cycling and UCI-UWCT Masters.
  • MILK FESTIVAL [early July, Levico]: on the Vezzena plateau a route is set up to get to know and taste the milky products typical of our territory: a trip to our mountains, to the life of the hut, in the peasant tradition. The great protagonist? Vezzena cheese, one of the oldest cheeses of the Trentino tradition.
  • THE SOUNDS OF THE DOLOMITES [July / August, Trentino]: an unmissable music festival that for two months occupies the hearts of Trentino people and tourists, internationally renowned musicians perform in wild and spectacular locations. Find out the details of the event.
  • DOLOMITES SUPER FLY [late August / early September, Levico]: a combination of trekking and paragliding in which the athlete in seven days will have to cross the predetermined turnpoints by flight or on foot. Find out the details of the event.
  • CANOAGIOVANI TROPHY AND REGION MEETING [beginning of September, Caldonazzo]: national finals of the canoeing youth sector, the Canoagiovani Trophy, and the Meeting of the Regions, a qualified review of the regional representatives from all over Italy.
  • GRAPE FESTIVAL [early September, Levico]: cellars in the square for a journey into the heart of Trentino wines.
  • 30 TRENTINA [end of September, Levico]: international 30 km road race. Find out more about the event.
  • FESTIVAL OF THE SPORTS [beginning of October, Trento]: four days dedicated to the phenomena of sport, with events, guests and initiatives that span 360 ° between the various sports disciplines.
  • CHRISTMAS MARKETS [from mid-November to Epiphany]: magical Christmas markets are held every weekend in Trento and Levico. Discover our offer.
Lake Levico, things to do: events

Lake Levico Things To Do: Arte Sella – Land Art Museum

Arte Sella is an international contemporary art event that dates back to 1986 and will be one of the most interesting artistic experiences of your Dolomites summer holidays.

The works are concentrated along a forest road on the southern slope of Mount Armentera. The artists create with the elements of nature – stones, leaves, branches and trunks – works whose value lies in the integration with the surrounding environment which in many cases contributes to the artistic value. In fact, the works are transformed assuming different meanings according to the seasons. In winter the snow that covers them, in spring and summer the leaves that sprout. Respect for nature is the basis of the principles behind this event, where inspiration and stimulus comes from the environment. Due to these continuous transformations, the artist follows the work day by day in its growth and change and here the creative process acquires great importance.

Among the most significant works we find the Vegetal Cathedral created by the Lombard artist Giuliano Mauri in 2001. It is located near Malga Costa and reproduces in size and architecture a real Gothic cathedral consisting of three naves and eighty columns, but entirely made with intertwined branches . At the time of creation it reached a height of twelve meters, but being alive, it grows about 50 cm per year. From the words of Giuliano Mauri:

“Within these artifices that I am building there will be hornbeam plants. I build artifices to accompany plants in the twenty years that they need to become adults. After this time the structures are destined to rot, to become earth. […] In twenty years people will notice that there has been the creation of nature that has dialogue with man. Which is what man has always done. Forgetting is only ours to not know, not to recognize anymore. ”

Two paths:

  • the longest, ArteNatura, is 3 km long and it takes about two hours on foot to travel it. Open all year round, it starts from the Strobela bridge, over the Moggio stream, and passing through woods and wide meadows ends at Malga Costa, where most of the works are located;
  • the second is concentrated in the Malga Costa area alone, a rural building that was once used by shepherds. The route is about 1 km long and to visit it takes about 45 minutes because it hosts the greatest number of works. The openings are those of the Malga.

The Liberty Hotel Levico Terme is partner of Arte Sella, for stays longer than 5 nights the entrance is free.

Arte Sella
Lake Levico, things to do: land art museum
Lake Levico, best things to see around

Lake Levico Things To Do: castles, cities and museums of Trentino

Lake Levico is surrounded by artistic and cultural testimonies that will make your Dolomites summer holidays unforgettable. It is located in a strategic position to discover the origins of our territory.

Surrounded by villages and remains of Austro-Hungarian fortifications such as the Col de le Bene fort on the San Biagio hill and the Verle and Vezzena forts on the Vezzena plateau, the Hotel Liberty is close to two splendid Trentino castles: Castel Pergine (at 8 km) and Castel Ivano (at 22 km); and centrally located with respect to the most famous art cities of Triveneto such as Bolzano, Merano, Venice, Verona and Padua.

Just 20 kilometers away is the city of Trento which with its Castello del Buonconsiglio, the Duomo, the Trident fountain and its delightful alleys, is an essential stop on holidays in Trentino. Here you can visit MUSE, the new Museum of Science and Technology, which with its 19,000 square meters will help young and old to understand how science and technology, in a perspective of sustainability, can contribute to safeguarding the planet. A journey into nature, between fun and learning, with a section that tells the evolution of life from 250 to 65 million years ago. The building that houses the MUSE is also noteworthy: it is in fact part of an architectural project for the redevelopment of an abandoned industrial area, entrusted to the care of Renzo Piano.

Still on the subject of culture, MART, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, awaits you in the pretty city of Rovereto, a Trentino institution founded in 1987 and renovated in 2002 with the contribution of the architect Mario Botta and the engineer Giulio Andreolli.

We look forward to seeing you at the Liberty Hotel Levico Terme to lead you to discover all the beauties aroud us.

Lake Levico, things to do: castels
Lake Levico, things to do: MART - Renzo Piano architecture
Lake Levico, things to do: Treno city